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Mouth guards are a great way for you to keep your teeth safe, whether you’re an active athlete or you grind your teeth in your sleep. For the best results, a custom-fit mouthguard designed by your dentist is always recommended over store bought, one-size-fits-all models. For a custom-fit mouth guard that’s comfortable and durable, make an appointment with Richard Rhoads, Jr., DDS, at his office in Overland Park, Kansas. Call Smiles by the Lake today or request an appointment online.


Why do I need a custom mouth guard?

You’ve probably seen one-size-fits-all mouth guards at the pharmacy or the sporting goods store, but what’s the difference between those and a custom-fit mouth guard? Because one-size-fits-all mouth guards aren’t specifically designed to the shape of your mouth, they’re much more likely to slip out of place. A mouth guard only has to be slightly out of position to completely defeat its purpose. Furthermore, a store-bought mouth guard will usually rub against and irritate your gums, making them uncomfortable.

A custom mouth guard will be more effective than a store-bought version in:

  • Minimizing the risk of injury during sports
  • Preventing nighttime grinding and clenching
  • Relieving TMJ and jaw pain

A properly fitted mouth guard can also help keep your teeth from moving or shifting, especially after orthodontic correction.

When should I wear my custom mouth guard?

Many people wear a mouth guard to bed, because it helps with bruxism, or teeth grinding. Grinding your teeth can wear them down and weaken them over time, and because it often happens while they’re asleep, many people don’t even know they’re doing it. If you’re waking up with pain in your jaw, a headache, or chipped and worn-down teeth, wearing a mouth guard to bed could help.

It’s also a good idea to wear your mouth guard when participating in sports. Athletes are much more likely to sustain injuries to the teeth and mouth than people who don’t participate in sports.

You should consider wearing your mouth guard if you participate in:

  • Ball sports
  • Combative sports, like boxing or martial arts
  • Riding activities, such as horseback riding, cycling, and mountain biking
  • Gymnastics
  • Skateboarding
  • Skiing

Mouth guards don’t just protect your teeth, they can also help limit head injuries by absorbing shock.

How do I get a custom-fit mouth guard?

At Smiles by the Lake, you can get a custom-fit mouth guard in as little as one appointment. Dr. Rhoads will make a scan or mold of your teeth so that the mouth guard will fit exactly to your mouth. Typically, you’ll only need a mouth guard for your upper teeth, but some people prefer the added protection of both an upper and lower mouth guard.

If you’d like some extra protection for your teeth, in bed or on the field, call the office today to make an appointment, or request one online.